My headphones wont work on my mac


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  5. USB-C headphones not working with MacBook Pro

Audio problems among computers are usually due to system errors if not hardware damage. In most cases, the problem is attributed to invalid or misconfigured settings from the volume level to the audio output selections.

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  4. Determine The Causes Of Mac Sound Not Working?
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For hardware-related sound problems, the underlying causes are usually defective speakers or faulty audio systems in use. Feel free to refer to the outlined procedures should you wish to troubleshoot your Mac sound that is not working.

when i plug in earphones/headphones into … - Apple Community

Before troubleshooting, check the volume controls and make sure that they are not turned down. If the volume is set to low, then increase the volume by pressing on the Volume Up control. This will rule out the possibility that the sound output is bypassed or interfered with the external audio devices. There are several ways to restart your Mac. The standard restart method is through the Apple menu.

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You can also use the Shutdown window to restart your Mac computer. Quick links. Forum rules This forum is for Audacity 2.

How to check your sound settings

Audacity 1. The old forums for those versions are now closed, but you can still read the archives of the 1. Post Reply. Do you have a fix for this? Screen Shot at JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. SamAshleyBlogs macrumors regular Original poster. Jul 11, 3 Columbus, Ohio. Longest title ever. I was listening to music on my new 13" macbook pro with touchbar earlier while working. After turning them off, confirming they're not connected to my computer anymore, confirming they're not on the list in my sound preferences, selecting "internal speakers" in sound preferences, and ensuring that the mute box isn't checked I STILL can't hear any audio.

How to get a Mac laptop's headphone jack to work reliably

Sure, I could restart my computer and have it work again. But I'm working and I don't want to save everything I'm working on, restart, re-open, etc. It shouldn't be this hard to switch between audio sources. Let me rephrase, actually. It shouldn't be completely glitchy and impossible to switch between audio sources when all appears to be working properly on the surface.

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May 11, N. Seems like a software glitch unique to the new models. If there's any way to report it to Apple - perhaps take it to the local Apple store? Then at least they can work on a fix.

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  • Fixing a MacBook Stuck on Mute!
  • Sanpete macrumors Nov 17, 2, Utah. I and others have had similar trouble with older models. I think it may be a hardware issue, never did fully resolve it. For a new machine I'd call Apple.

    Mac volume not working after headphones

    Apr 8, 3, This has happened to me a couple of times in the last few months. Suck it up and restart.

    It's an easy fix. SamAshleyBlogs said:. I know restarting isn't "hard". I know it doesn't take a ton of time. But I'm not sure you go from headphones to not as much as I do in a day. For a machine that costs this much money, I shouldn't have to restart all day because the audio glitches out. Did an SMC reset.

    USB-C headphones not working with MacBook Pro

    Worked for a little while. Then, internal speakers stopped working again—this time without bluetooth headphones even being connected. Have you talked to Apple yet? Maybe they know of this issue. Sanpete said:. Reactions: Sanpete.