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Base is younger than your question, and definitely feels like a 1. I don't remember what it used to cost, but I paid for the 1. Still highly recommended. I use Liya from the Mac App Store, it's free, does the job, and the project is maintained a month or so between updates as of Jan You can now view, edit, and re-upload the package to your debug device. This can be really handy for keeping snapshots of different states to try out on other devices. There is a seven day trial available via the website. I am using simple tool for basic sqlite operation called Lita.

Sqlite Viewer Mac

This tool is based on Adobe Air so that must be installed prior to use of Lita. Adobe air can be downloaded for free from Adobe site. That FireFox extension looks pretty nice. I've used SQLite Browser in the past and it did the job. It's really easy and I've even compiled a DMG for the sqlite gui if anyone wants it. Take a look on a free tool - Valentina Studio. Amazing product! Sqliteman is my current preference: It uses QT, so it's cross-platform. I also tried SQLite Admin Windows, so irrelevant to the question anyway for a while, but it seems unmaintained these days, and has the most annoying hotkeys of any application I've ever used - Ctrl-S clears the current query, with no hope of undo.

See full document here. This is very simple and fast database browser for SQLite. Try a versiontracker search instead. You may try Navicat. It used to have a free "Lite" version whih is unfortunately not available any more. I am currently using the day free eval version. Listen now.

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Jonas Teifion Teifion It's still being actively developed and they have plans for SQLite and Postgres, but they aren't available yet. Sequel Pro is still not SQLite, but here is the link sequelpro. Hangs on slow running queries and had no cancel query button. I use RazorSQL. Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't allow you to alter existing tables.

Sqlite Viewer Mac Specifications

All most common operations are just there in front of you. This used to be the best, but it doesn't work with the latest firefox.

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I bought Base and I really love it. Perfect tool. Love all of the native controls. There are plenty of free alternatives, but they are not as nice. This is not a coincidence. Looks excellent, trialling it at the moment and does everything I'd want to do all while also having a nicely designed Mac app UI.

I purchased too.

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Empty Table. Create Index.

The best SQLite GUI Tool for Mac - TablePlus

Table DDL viewer. Procedure, Function, Package and Trigger. Create Procedure, Function, Package, Trigger. Edit Procedure, Function, Package, Trigger. Execute Procedure, Function. Export Formats. Export object DDLs. Export Table Data. Custom Data Format Settings. References Graphs. Graph or list of referential integry rules. Several automatic graph layout managers. Link table nodes by foreign keys. Link table nodes by all columns in a foreign key. Bridge link support to improve readability. Graph zooming, fit, animation and navigator pane.

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Show Table details. Export and print. Database Scheduling, Events, Jobs. Manage jobs and scheduling in "Oracle Scheduler". Table data editing in grid spreadsheet editor. Table data editing in form editor. Auto-complete column names while specifying inline filter. Table filters saved between sessions. Quick filtering in grids. Display references to other tables. Monitor row count differences.

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View PDF documents. View XML data in tree or text format. Table Export. Table Data Import. Import table data from CSV or Excel files. Support multi-character column separator. Automatic data type detection. Automatic mapping of file columns to table columns. Create table from imported data. Save settings between sessions. Data Navigator. Expose foreign keys by data selection. Limit referenced data with filters. Tag support. Edit table data directly in Navigator.

SQL Commander. Execute Script with multiple SQL statements. Execute single SQL statement at cursor position. Execute selected SQL statement s. Execute Buffer as a single SQL statement. Execute Explain Plan. Syntax colored SQL editor. Auto Completion aka code completion, intellisense. Predefined and user defined editor templates. Support for multiple SQL editors. Support for procedures producing multiple result sets. SQL formatter with extensive customization options.

View result sets as grid, text or chart. Grid, Text, Chart. Editable result sets with the inline or form editors. Thus, complete analysis can be done of various databases for investigating the details of several Mac Sqlite databases.

The best SQLite GUI Tool for Mac - TablePlus | TablePlus

Tool has an extended support towards Journal files associated with Sqlite files which acts like a backup of truncations made in Sqlite file. This software also allows adding the Journal file to analyze it. Software is capable to add large Sqlite files without imposing any size limitation. This helps investigators to work on every type of Mac Sqlite file despite of it having too much of information or elements. Hex view is always recommended for analysis.

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Sqlite database browser Mac is integrated with Hex view which enables users to perform thorough analysis on each byte to detect the information in depth. Tool provides many options for exporting the recovered data from the Sqlite databases. Users can view tables, byte code, structure and many other multimedia components such as images, videos, etc. Thus the Binary Large Object data can be also analyzed by this tool.

Software has this exceptional feature of recovering the data which was deleted from the Sqlite databases. It retrieves and displays the Deleted data for analysis of data which was erased from database. While performing the analysis, it is necessary to visually classify the Sqlite database. The tool uses this color scheme to denote Deleted data, Normal data, Secured deleted data, and unallocated space. Provided Query option assists techies in analysis of evidence for Sqlite database investigations. Most of the information, including the contacts, emails, SMS etc.