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  1. How-to: Compile a Beagle Bone Black kernel under OSX
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Likewise, you can change the RPATH , the linker search path embedded into executables and dynamic libraries:.

How-to: Compile a Beagle Bone Black kernel under OSX

This is primarily useful in the standard build environment of Nixpkgs, where it is used to get rid of unnecessary runtime dependencies. It should definitely work on all 32 or bit, big or little-endian Linux platforms. With minor modifications it should also work on other ELF platforms.

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The most recent stable release is PatchELF 0. You can also download the latest pre-release , or view a list of all prereleases built in our build farm.

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You can report bugs in the issue tracker. Saved me a bunch of time. Blake Meike Dec 26 '16 at Gianluca Mezzetti Gianluca Mezzetti 36 3 3 bronze badges.

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