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How to maximise a window to fill up screen in Mavericks? Ask Question.

How to Screen Record on Mac in 2 Easy Ways

Howard Howard 3 3 gold badges 9 9 silver badges 24 24 bronze badges. Do you want to maximize the window or go to full screen? Maximize window, not going full screen. I have So maybe it was a plugin nonetheless? Is this still an issue? Mauricio Davila J. Nick Demyanchuk Nick Demyanchuk 4 4 silver badges 2 2 bronze badges.

How to Make a Window Full Screen in Mac OS

I have been using SizeUp but recently I heard of Spectacle : which seems to do most, but not all, of the same things, and is free and open-source. Mark Mark That's all. Al that does for me is to stretch the window vertically only but not maximize it. Man I'm glad I found this, newcomer from Windows and it was getting kinda old doing it by hand. Testing only in Chrome, on Shift-double clicking expands it both vertically and horizontally.

To summarize the options above for OSX yosemite I am able to go into full screen mode by going to the top left and clicking the green button If I click Option a. ThinkBonobo ThinkBonobo 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges. Not under trackpad. Geroge Geroge 21 2 2 bronze badges. Tim Tim 11 1 1 bronze badge. Pram Pram 11 1 1 bronze badge.

Lri Lri In TienHoang TienHoang 1.

Double-click title bar to resize to fit screen | Vivaldi Forum

Matt Matt 1. Once i used "Better Touch" in Mac to enable the maximise feature and it was successful. All-time mac users and pc-migraters understand different things when asked "to maximise windows without going fullscreen" This usage wish is coming from pc-usage. All-time mac users do not understand the wish since they never experienced it. AddbbA AddbbA 1 1 bronze badge.

How does this differ from other answers e. Mark Mac Monkey Mac Monkey 1. How does this differ from or improve on other answers?

How to Make a Window Full Screen on Mac

In this article, I'm going to discuss how you use full-screen mode in macOS, and how you can get the most out of this feature to work efficiently on a small display. Beyond repositioning your Mac's Dock, you can go further with full-screen mode. Even if the Dock is visible, switching an app into full-screen mode makes its window fill your display from top to bottom, and from left to right. The Dock is hidden; in fact, you cannot easily; see below access the Dock at all when in full-screen mode.

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To activate full-screen mode for any app on a Mac, it's really quite simple, and there are three ways you can do this:. You'll see the window expand, your menu bar slide away, and the Dock slide off the screen if it's visible. This window now fills the screen. Note that some windows can't display full screen; if their size is fixed, then you won't see the green button. You can see this in the System Preferences app, for example, in preference or setting windows of apps.

Another way to fill the screen is to press the Option key and then click the green button.

This expands the window to take up as much space as possible, while not hiding the menu bar and Dock. This is not the same as full-screen mode, but it takes advantage of as much of your display as possible. When you want to leave full-screen mode, move your cursor to the top of your display to show your app's toolbar, and click the green button.

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When you're in full-screen mode, you may need to change the way you switch apps. If you're used to clicking icons in the Dock or clicking parts of windows to switch from one app to another, it's time to learn some new techniques. Here's how you can switch apps in full-screen mode:. Here's what Mission Control looks like with three full-screen apps. Note the icon at the top left corner of the Preview window; click that to restore it to a standard window.

Here's a another handy tip. I said above that the Dock disappears, and that's correct. It's a tricky gesture, but if you get the hang of it, you may find it useful for opening apps, or for accessing folders you store in the Dock. The Mac has long had a multi-window interface.

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  • How to Make a Window Full Screen in Mac OS.

This is practical if, say, you're researching something in Safari and writing a paper or report in another app. It's easier to have both windows visible—if you have the space—rather than switching back and forth from one to the other. Rather than feel cramped, you can use all your display for each app. You also have fewer distractions if you have a single app filling your display.